Georgina can be seen and heard performing in a variety of forms with many different musicians.

Chamber Music

Chamber Music

Georgina and the Dutch soprano Lara Diamand have got two new concert programmes; INSPIRED BY CHANGE and DIERENLIEDJES (ANIMAL SONGS).

The first programme INSPIRED BY CHANGE is a full recital. It is based on American 20th century music. Lara and Georgina let the audience hear the mutual influence of light and classical music in this period. They show this music to be more accessible than many listeners would initially expect. Many American classical composers were influenced by the up and coming jazz style of the thirties and wrote Broadway hits along side serious orchestral and chamber music. INSPIRED BY CHANGE takes the listener from the classical songs and piano pieces by Copland and Crumb, via the lighter music by Rorem to a short theatrical song cycle by Bernstein. Finally, the well known jazzy music by Gershwin is performed. In short, this is a programme where the audience can thoroughly enjoy the diversity in styles that the 20th century American music has to offer.

Three Early Songs - G. Crumb
Three Moods - A. Copland
From: 12 Poems by Emily Dickinson - A. Copland
Seven Songs - N. Rorem
I hate music - L. Bernstein
Three Preludes for piano - G. Gershwin
Four songs - G. Gershwin

The second programme DIERENLIEDJES (ANIMAL SONGS) is a family concert for everyone. Young and old can indulge in the songs about the porcupine, the nightingale, Sebastian the spider and the giraffe from Maastricht with his dislocated leg! Songs by Röntgen, Fauré and Schubert, and text by writers, including Annie M.G. Schmidt, let everyboby dream away into the wonderous world of the animals. A lovely concert on a sunday afternoon in the park, during a trip to the zoo or on an afternoon in the library. The programme lasts for 30 minutes.

De spin Sebastiaan - P. Chr. Van Westering
Die Forelle - F. Schubert
Op een kalf - J. Rontgen
Op een giraffe - J. Rontgen
An die Nachtigall  - J. Brahms
Liebe Schwalbe - A. von Zemlinsky
Stekelvarkentjes - P. Chr. Van Westering
Op een kater - J. Rontgen
The monk and his cat - S. Barber
SnakeI - N. Rorem
Le papillon et la fleur - G. Faure
De geit van dokter Sanders - P. Chr. Van Westerin


Besides accompanying professional instrumentalists and singers, Georgina accompanies young, talented instrumentalists in competitions and concerts. After many years accompanying talented students of the Dutch cellist Yke Viersen, Georgina has built up a very large cello and piano repertoire.


Georgina plays on a regular basis as soloist with different orchestras.
Her repertoire includes:
Concerto in d minor - Bach
Concerto for 2 pianos - Poulenc
Concerto in a minor - Grieg
Nights in the Gardens of Spain - de Falla
Concerto no. 1 in C - Beethoven